Seth Tillett    design for the stage / dance
Un Petit d’Un Petit      Les Grands Ballets du Place Neuve, Geneve      Music: Giacinto Scelsi
America (in 3 parts) icamera / iamecar / iamrace    Music: Arto Lindsay
I began to create stage design for dance in 1992 at the invitation of the dancer and choreographer Amanda Miller. Miller had been a founding dancer and house choreographer in William Forsythe’s Frankfurt Ballet since it’s inception in 1985.
In 1992 she launched pretty ugly dancecompany and engaged me to collaborate on all levels. Conceived as a collective of artists, composers, choreographers and dancers, pudc existed for it’s first 4 years as a touring ensemble, creating new works in residencies throughout the world. After winning the ‘96 international competition at Bagnolet pu was offered a home at the Stadtheatre Freiburg, Germany, where the company remained until 2002. During this period Ballet Freiburg pretty ugly formalized it’s structure with Miller as principal choreographer and lighting designer and myself as stage, lighting and graphic designer, as well as dramaturg and occasional actor. In 2002 pretty ugly moved to the Stadtheatre Köln and, as pretty ugly Tanz Köln, it remained in that city until 2008, when the company dissolved.
During pudc’s 16 year existance Miller and I created works on various companies throughout Europe, Asia and the USA. Whenever possible Miller commissioned new music, most often from our colleagues, Arto Lindsay, John Zorn or Fred Frith.
I’ve created music for two full evening dances; Blue Day Pink Day and Cowgirls, as well as recordings, auditory collages and spoken texts for a number of other works. Of about 42 works created since pu’s inception, a few are pictured below.
Unless otherwise stated, all designs are for pretty ugly dancecompany, Ballet Freiburg pretty ugly or pretty ugly Tanz Köln.
Unspeakable Home     Music: J.S.Bach, D.Scarlatti, D.Cortez